Jonathan’s Bike Shop

While I was in town for Levi’s Gran Fondo, I visited a relatively new shop in Santa Rosa, CA, a Bianchi dealer by the name of Jonathan’s Bike Shop. I’ve known Jonathan for years, having worked with him at Dave’s Bike Sport back in the 90′s. Since then, Jonathan has owned and operated several shops in the greater Sonoma County area.

As I approached his shop, it became quickly apparent that Bianchi was a featured brand at Jonathan’s shop. Celeste is prevalent and Bianchi abounds in this beautifully adorned shop.

Welcoming entry way of Jonathan’s Bike Shop

Immediately inside the shop, there proudly sits one of the new Bianchi Vertigo bikes. In fact, this Vertigo is one of the first in the country, so I was thrilled that Jonathan let me pull it off the wall. If a person were looking for great value in a comfortable performance road bike, then this would be the bike to consider. The Bianchi Vertigo is built for the rider who wants the geometry and superior handling of the Bianchi Infinito, yet at a more budget friendly price.

Bianchi Vertigo – Beautiful, Comfortable, Affordable
A study in budget friendly elegance from Bianchi

Jonathan has a good selection of Bianchi road bikes on the floor. The 2013 models are beautiful and it is nice to see so much celeste! Built and ready to test-ride, he has a great range of Bianchi bikes. His line starts with the Via Nirone7, which is a beautiful and affordable bike.

Bianchi Via Nirone7

And, one of my favorite bikes on his floor is the Bianchi Infinito. This bike is so well sculpted and is so elegant, yet more importantly, it is the best handling comfort road bike available. The slightly taller head-tube provides positional comfort for rides of any length, while the high-modulus and nano reinforced carbon combined with strategically placed kevlar smooth out the roads. This is an amazing bike.

The beautiful Bianchi Infinito
sculpted elegance
comfortable performance
“molto bene”

Jonathan’s shop carries a complete selection of shoes, helmets, clothing and tires. He has some of my favorite brands including Bianchi, Vittoria and Castelli. And I gotta say, his shop is just gorgeous. Check out these lovely wooden tool chests, absolutely stylish and completely appropriate for this well appointed shop.

Lovely Wooden Tool Chests

This shop, while somewhat small, has been laid out very nicely. If you are looking for a road bike in the Santa Rosa area, then do yourself a favor and visit Jonathan’s Bike Shop.You’ll be treated to excellent customer service. And the beautiful neighborhood behind the shop provides a nice location for a real test-ride.

I am really glad I checked out this shop. I always like going into shops, especially shops that carry Bianchi bikes. I was happy for Jonathan that he had built such a nice shop. Well done!



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