Bianchi Infinito

Several months ago, I purchased a Bianchi Infinito. The one I got was the 105 equipped model. As the astute among you will soon discover, I am something of a Campy guy. It’s just a preference. I removed the Shimano components and installed a Campy Record group that I had “just laying around.” I also installed a white carbon bar from Edge Design.

57cm Red and White Bianchi Infinito

Initially, $2699 may seem a little steep for a Shimano 105 equipped bike. After all, most other brands have some way less expensive 105 equipped carbon bikes. But, this is one of those situations where you have to really look at what you are comparing.

Bianchi does NOT produce a watered down version of their top-notch ergonomic road frame just to deliver a bike at a lower price point. Bianchi offers the Infinito with several build options. No matter which component group you select, you’d be getting the same top quality frame. How many companies can claim that their 105 equipped bike has a professional quality frame that has been ridden in the Giro d’Italia!

Like so many products these days, acronyms abound. We’ve got BAT and K-VID to start. Bianchi’s Active Technology and Kevlar Vibration Isolation Device do their part to reduce road vibration and rider fatigue. The Infinito provides a comfortable riding position over longer distances with taller headtube and slightly longer chainstays. This bike is Gran Fondo comfy, yet fully capable, with verifiable podium places in the Giro d’Italia and Spring Classics.

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