A Visit to West County Cycle Service

Sebastopol, California is the thriving hub of an area known as West County and home to a small, yet truly legit shop known as West County Cycle Service. Visitors to the shop are greeted by a Patrick Amiot sculpture, a friendly reminder that you are indeed in Sebastopol.

Patrick Amiot sculpture
Entrance to WCCS

While this is a relatively new location for WCCS, the collection of cycling artifacts makes this a fun museum for any cycling fan. Vintage bikes hang on the wall and interesting, occasionally anachronistic components adorn the central display.

Nick, owner of WCCS

Exotic? Erotic? or just plain cool!

The shop is run by Nick Sanders and staffed by Kenny and Jay. Collectively, there is a lot of mechanical and overall cycling experience here. The history feels real. During my short visit, I saw a number of cyclists come in to get their needs met.  Several roadies swung by, gathering tubes and supplies or to schedule work on their trusted steeds. Also, a mom and son pedaled in on mountain bikes. It’s the kind of shop where it feels that everyone is welcome.

When I arrived, there was a Bianchi Brava in one of the work stands and several more Bianchi steel road bikes on the floor:

Bianchi Brava

Bianchi Imola in front of Bianchi Volpe

These Bianchi steel road bikes represent incredible value and provide an excellent ride quality on the typically rough roads of Sonoma County. The Volpe is one of the most lauded of the touring bikes, as it is truly a go-anywhere bike. With knobby tires and a full compliment of rack and fender mounts, the Volpe is ready to tour, commute or straight-up take you where you want to go, on or off pavement.

Nick also has some very cool, casual, comfort style bikes from Bianchi:

Bianchi Cortina comfort bikes
casual elegance, courtesy of Bianchi

The Bianchi Cortina is a wonderfully adept machine, equally at home on the bike path or bedecked in baskets, as an efficient errand bike. The Cortina can get you there in upright comfort and style.

West County Cycle Service has ample bike parking, is close to coffee and food, and is across the street from a substantial parking lot, all making it an ideal spot to start and finish West County rides. If you are looking for a convenient location to start and finish a Willow Creek or Coleman Valley loop, or wanting to try some of the Bianchi steel road bikes, then WCCS would make a great destination.

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